Mass Media Research By WIMMER & DOMINICK


Mass Media Research By ROGER D. WIMMER & JOSEPH R. DOMINICK 9th Edition

Part One

The Research Process

Chapter 1

Science and Research 1

Chapter 2

Elements of Research 42

Chapter 3

Research Ethics 64

Chapter 4

Sampling 86

Part Two

Research Approaches

Chapter 5

Qualitative Research Methods 114

Chapter 6

Content Analysis 155

Chapter 7

Survey Research 184

Chapter 8

Longitudinal Research 218

Chapter 9

Experimental Research 238

Part Three

Data Analysis

Chapter 10

Introduction to Statistics 266

Chapter 11

Hypothesis Testing 289

Chapter 12

Basic Statistical Procedures 304

Part Four

Research Applications

Chapter 13

Newspaper and Magazine

Research 332

Chapter 14

Research in the Electronic Media 350

Chapter 15

Research in Advertising 380

Chapter 16

Research in Public Relations 405


Things change constantly in all areas of life, and it is sometimes difficult to keep up with all the changes. In every edition of this text, we are faced with several new technologies and research approaches that didn’t exist in a previous edition. It has been interesting to watch the development of such things as satellite television and radio, the Internet, MP3 players, CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, and more. Each invention offers a wealth of new research topics and opportunities, and it has been fun to observe how mass communication constantly changes.

As mass media teachers and professional researchers, we want to provide you with the most detailed and most current information possible. However, that is a difficult task with a textbook since changes in mass media research happen frequently. Our best alternative, therefore, is to help you find the most current information about the topics we discuss in this text.

Therefore, throughout this text, we provide many Internet searches to help you find more information about the topics we discuss in the book. Please use these search suggestions. You’ll see that we use a specific format for the searches we suggest. Enter the search exactly as we suggest, although you may feel free to go beyond the searches we provide. The format we use for Internet searches is italics. That is, whenever we suggest an Internet search, the search is shown in italics. If you see quote marks with the search, be sure to include those because they are important in refining the search and eliminating useless information. For example, if we recommend that you search the Internet for more information about this text and suggest “Mass media research” Wimmer Dominick, then input your search exactly as written, including the quote marks. If you are new to using Internet search engines, please go to our book website at and read the article about using search engines in the “Readings” section.

Approach and Organization As in the previous editions, our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to use mass media research in the professional world through simplified explanations of goals, procedures, and uses of information in mass media research. We want you to be comfortable with research and to recognize its unlimited value, so we use extensive practical applications to illustrate its use in the world today.

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