Mass Media Research By WIMMER & DOMINICK


Mass Media Research By ROGER D. WIMMER & JOSEPH R. DOMINICK 9th Edition Part One The Research Process Chapter 1 Science and Research 1 Chapter 2 Elements of Research 42 Chapter 3 Research Ethics 64 Chapter 4 Sampling 86 Part Two Research Approaches Chapter 5 Qualitative Research Methods 114 Chapter 6 Content Analysis 155 Chapter 7 Survey Research 184 Chapter 8 Longitudinal Research 218 Chapter 9 Experimental Research 238 Part Three Data Analysis Chapter 10 Introduction to Statistics 266 Chapter 11 Hypothesis Testing 289 Chapter 12 Basic Statistical Procedures 304 Part Four Research Applications Chapter 13 Newspaper and Magazine Research 332 Chapter 14 Research in the Electronic Media 350 Chapter 15 Research in Advertising 380 Chapter 16 Research in Public Relations 405 Preface: Things change constantly in all areas of life, and it is sometimes difficult to keep up with all the changes. In every edition of this text, we […]

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Communication Research By National Open University of Nigeria

Communication Research By National Open University of Nigeria in pdf format Module 1 Introduction Unit 1 The Meaning of Research and the Scientific Method Unit 2 Application of the Scientific Principles to Social Research Unit 3 Characteristics of and the Development of Mass Media Research Unit 4 Classification of Research Module 2 The Elements of Research Unit 1 Concepts, Constructs, Hypotheses/Research Questions and Instrumentation. Unit 2 Variables Unit 3 Measurement, Scales and Indexes Module 3 Major Communication Research Methods Unit 1 Experimental Research Unit 2 Survey Research Unit 3 Content Analysis Unit 4 Case study Unit 5 Observational Research Module 4 Sampling Unit 1 Meaning and Types of Sampling Unit 2 Population and Sample Unit 3 Sample Size and Sampling Error Module 5 The Research Procedure Unit 1 The Research Proposal Unit 2 Data Analysis in Communication Research Unit 3 Documentation in Communication Research Module 6 Areas of Mass […]

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