Communication Research By National Open University of Nigeria


Communication Research By National Open University of Nigeria in pdf format

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 The Meaning of Research and the Scientific Method
Unit 2 Application of the Scientific Principles to Social Research
Unit 3 Characteristics of and the Development of Mass Media
Unit 4 Classification of Research
Module 2 The Elements of Research
Unit 1 Concepts, Constructs, Hypotheses/Research Questions and
Unit 2 Variables
Unit 3 Measurement, Scales and Indexes
Module 3 Major Communication Research Methods
Unit 1 Experimental Research
Unit 2 Survey Research
Unit 3 Content Analysis
Unit 4 Case study
Unit 5 Observational Research
Module 4 Sampling
Unit 1 Meaning and Types of Sampling
Unit 2 Population and Sample
Unit 3 Sample Size and Sampling Error
Module 5 The Research Procedure
Unit 1 The Research Proposal
Unit 2 Data Analysis in Communication Research
Unit 3 Documentation in Communication Research
Module 6 Areas of Mass Communication Research
Unit 1 Print Media Research
Unit 2 Electronic Media Research
Unit 3 Public Relations Research
Unit 4 Advertising Research
Unit 5 Media Effects Research


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