Role of Folk Media in Advertising

Q.4 “Folk media can play a vital role in advertising.” Do you agree? Answer with examples.          Folk Media: Besides, print and electronic media folk media also play a crucial role in advertising. Here we will first discuss the salient features of folk media and later give an account of some of the common folk media of the Pakistani society useful for advertising. Folk Media is the creative dissemination of information through cultural and performance arts. In traditional societies, folk media: drama, skits, poems, stories, riddles, songs and dance have been popularly and successfully used to disseminate messages and even to pass on wisdom of older generations to the youth. In different societies the use of folk media as advertisement is seen in circumcision, betrothal and marriage ceremonies and in all forms of entertainment and festivals. Today the same media can be used for community motivation, mobilizing support and participation […]

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Mass Communication Theories-II (5636) Exam Paper 2012

Mass Communication Theories-II (5636)

ALLAMAIQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITY Level: PGD/M.Sc Mass Communication                                        Semester: Spring, 2012 Paper: Mass Communication Theories-II (5636)                          Maximum Marks: 100 Time Allowed: 03 hours                                      _                        Pass Marks: 40 Note: ATTEMPT ANY FIVE QUESTIONS. ALL CARRY EQUAL MARKS. Q. No                                                                Questions 1                                      What role groups can play in shaping people’s political attitudes? 2                                      What does the agenda-setting theory assume? What does the Chappel Hill study concluded about the                  agenda-setting theory? 3       What do you know about the Knowledge Gap Hypothesis? Do you see any effects of the new technology on the Knowledge Gap Hypothesis? 4       Explain the theory of spiral of silence. 5       What are the main assumptions of the uses and gratifications theory? 6       What are those conditions which scholars consider as the basic requirements for media effectiveness? 7       Write short notes on the following: i.                             Media determinism ii.                          Functions of mass communication  

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Mass Communication Theories-I (5635) Exam Paper 2012

Mass Communication Theories-I (5635)

ALLAMAIQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITY Level: PGD/M.Sc Mass Communication                                         Semester: Spring, 2012 Paper: Mass Communication Theories-I (5635)                             Maximum Marks: 100 Time Allowed: 03 hours                                                                    Pass Marks: 40 Note: ATTEMPT ANY FIVE QUESTIONS. ALL CARRY EQUAL MARKS.   Q. No Questions Marks   1 What does theory-mean in research? What are the concerns of users in mass communication, and how mass communication theories helps us understand these concerns? 20     Discuss the characteristics of scientific method of knowing which differentiate it from other methods of knowledge. 20   3 What do you mean by model? Discuss the criteria of evaluation of a model. 20   4 What techniques are generally used in persuasion? 20   5 Discuss the cognitive dissonance theory in respect to information selection and avoidance. 20   6 What do you know about the characteristics of language? 20   7 Write short notes on the following: i. Induction and deduction in […]

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Effects of mass media on society

 Effects of mass media on society Effects of Mass Media can be definedas any change induced directly or indirectly through newspapers, films, radioand television. In the 19th century, the communication experts were of the viewthat access by the mass of population to the printed word might turn docilityinto uprising. The new man medium of cinema was similarly accused of wide rangeof effects while T.V. in the eyes of some is responsible for many of the illsof our time as though such media could be somehow divorced from social,political and cultural environments which produce them. The timing of communication process,writes C.Seymour-Ure in the Political Impact of Mass Media (UK contable, 1974),is probably one of the most important determinants of mass media effects. Ifthe timing is right, the media can often be the arbiter of crisis, by being inthe most prominent position to define it. Because, of the agenda settingtechnique, the media […]

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