Information about an event must be put skillfully together is a single package in order to attract the attention of a reader and to facilitate hit. /her in reading the news item more easily besides urging the reader to read the whole news story. Think of the raw material for title story you have to pass on. First of all arrange the different facts/ingredients in your mind and then give them a precise shape.
When we refer to the structure of a news story, we simply mean the method or the techniques of presenting and arranging different facts of an event in the news story. It is also known as the presentation techniques, which should be attractive, informative and understandable, so that the reader car. Easily receive maximum information within minimum possible words and time. There are many structures of a news story, in which facts are arranged sometimes according to their importance and sometimes to their happening i.e. chronological order. In some structures the important facts are explained in the first paragraph i.e. lead or introduction while in some others gist of the story is given in the beginning. For instance, inverted pyramid structure.

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