The press conference or news conference and meetings are the means of obtaining information, opinions and ideas besides the clarification of running events and stories. In a press conference a news source or personality calls together a group of reporters, after briefing the reporters the source/personality answers their questions. When it works well, it is one of the most effective and efficient method or source of information collection, and when it works poorly, it is one of the worst.
The meetings 011 some specific matters can provide a bulk of information which is required by the reporter within the shortest possible time. Press conference and meeting have certain advantages and also some disadvantages. The reporting of both requires the news probing skills and all other techniques of interviewing. Necessary preparation for convening a press/news conference and meetings is necessary without which a reporter cannot obtain some exclusive information. The reporter has to face certain problems in collecting information while covering a conference or meeting, but he/she must have the ability to overcome these problems.

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