Media and Mass communication scope in Pakistan

Media and Mass communication scope in Pakistan

Scope of Media Studies and mass communication in Pakistan?

Thounsands of students have this query online and question and often wonder if there is any scope for media studies and mass communication study as a best career in Pakistan. The jobs and vacancies for mass communication graduates in Pakistan have been increasing a lot. Numerous private channels either news and entertainment required media and mass communication specialists. However, before choosing a degree program, make sure where your interest lies, many of students are looking confused between journalism, media studies and mass communication.

Definition of Mass Communication is as Mass communication is about the masses (Large number of people or groups). It is collectively the way of highlighting and discussing the groups. This includes cinemas, videos, media channels, and photography. Journalism is more structured and focused more on writings and contents management. Media Studies and mass communication also play vital role in development support communication.

However, the list below shows the type of jobs that are open for media and mass communication graduates in Pakistan:

Salary of Media & Mass Communication Graduates in Pakistan

The job and careers possibilities are endless for those with a degree in mass communications and media studies or who want to get this diploma or degree. It opens a gateway to a number of opportunities. The salary of these field persons range varies as Media businesses or Media industries have different pay range. On average, the salary starts from 40,000/month.

Hence, choosing mass communication as your degree is undoubtedly a good option as the future of mass communication, and the media industry is bright. The media industry constantly looks for talented, hardworking, and skilled professionals. As a mass communications graduate, you will have many career options. Besides, if an individual is persistent in something they are interested in, they will surely achieve positive results.

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