Factors Influencing the Media Selection

Elaborate the factors responsible for selection of media for advertising campaign? Factors Influencing the Media Selection: The problem of selection of the best medium or media for a particular advertiser will vary greatly, depending on the particular situation, circumstances and different other factors in which a person is conducting individual business. Media selection involves a basic understanding of the capabilities and costs of the major media. The problems which the advertising has to face in the selection of media are: Profile of the target market Coverage or exposure Frequency Continuity Impact Copy formulation Media cost and media availability. In addition to these problems there are a number of other major factors which influence the decision of the advertiser and therefore, the same must be considered while selecting the media. The most significant of these factors are: Objectives of the campaign Budget available Research concerning client The product Type of message […]

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Conditions of Media Effectiveness

Media Effectiveness

Conditions of Media Effectiveness: Lazarsfeld and Merton say three conditions are required for media effectiveness: monopo­lization; canalization rather than change of basic values; and supplementary face-to-face contact. Monopolization occurs in the absence of mass media counterpropaganda. It exists not only in authoritarian societies but also in any society in which there is an absence of coun­tering views on any issue, value, policy, or public image. Sometimes this near or complete absence is illustrated by the fact that when a “sacred” institution is questioned by the media, the article or program becomes the center of a storm of controversy and is remem­bered years later as an outstanding exception to the norm. An example is the CBS docu­mentary “The Selling of the Pentagon,” which raised the question of what were termed “improper military information activities.” Many critics of the documentary generalized their criticism and said the program was an attack on the […]

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