Mass Communication Theories-II (5636) Exam Paper 2012

Mass Communication Theories-II (5636)

ALLAMAIQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITY Level: PGD/M.Sc Mass Communication                                        Semester: Spring, 2012 Paper: Mass Communication Theories-II (5636)                          Maximum Marks: 100 Time Allowed: 03 hours                                      _                        Pass Marks: 40 Note: ATTEMPT ANY FIVE QUESTIONS. ALL CARRY EQUAL MARKS. Q. No                                                                Questions 1                                      What role groups can play in shaping people’s political attitudes? 2                                      What does the agenda-setting theory assume? What does the Chappel Hill study concluded about the                  agenda-setting theory? 3       What do you know about the Knowledge Gap Hypothesis? Do you see any effects of the new technology on the Knowledge Gap Hypothesis? 4       Explain the theory of spiral of silence. 5       What are the main assumptions of the uses and gratifications theory? 6       What are those conditions which scholars consider as the basic requirements for media effectiveness? 7       Write short notes on the following: i.                             Media determinism ii.                          Functions of mass communication  

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