Theories of Mass Communication

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What does communication theory deal with? What are those theories of mass communication which are relating to the concerns of users? Discuss the various hierarchies of media effects.   Mass communication is part skill, part art, and part science. It is a skill in the sense that it involves certain fundamental learnable techniques such as focusing a television camera, operating a tape recorder, and taking notes during an interview. It is an art in the sense that it involves creative challenges such as writing a script for a television documentary, developing a pleasing and eye-catching layout for a magazine advertisement, and coming up with a catchy, hard-hitting lead for a news story. It is a science in the sense that certain verifiable principles involved in making communication work can be used to achieve specific goals more effectively. Many people want to pigeonhole mass communication as involving one or two of […]

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Various Forms of Feedback in Mass Communication

Feed back In its simplest form the feedback principle means that a behavior is tested with reference to its result and success or failure of this result influences the future behavior Though not exactly cut-out for human communication, the Shannon-Weaver model provides clear guidelines for researchers to mark more avenues for graphic presentation of the elements in daily human communication. Forms of feed back There are five main categories of feedback. They are listed in the order in which they occur most frequently in daily conversations. 1. Evaluation Making a judgment about the worth, goodness, or appropriateness of the sender’s statement. 2. Interpretation Paraphrasing – attempting to explain what the sender’s statement means. 3. Support  Attempting to assist or support the sender. 4. Probing Attempting to gain additional information, continue the discussion, or clarify a point. 5. Understanding  Attempting to discover completely what the sender means by his/her statement. Role […]

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