Cultivation Theory

What does the Cultivation theory propose? Cultivation Theory: Explanation of Theory:  Gerbner’s cultivation theory says that television has become the main source of storytelling in today’s society.  Those who watch four or more hours a day are labeled heavy television viewers and those who view less than four hours per day, according to Gerbner are light viewers.  Heavy viewers are exposed to more violence and therefore are effected by the Mean World Syndrome, an idea that the world is worse than it actually is.  According to Gerbner, the overuse of television is creating a homogeneous and fearful populace.  Metatheoretical Assumptions: Ontological Assumptions: determanistic——-X——free will Epistemological Assumptions: Truth——————X—————truths Axiological Assumptions: value neutral———X————value laden Individual Interpretations and Critique:  The cultivation theory is a scientific theory.  Epistimologically speaking, Gerbner believes in one truth.  The theory does not believe television viewers have a choice in whether they are effected by media violence or not.  […]

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