Ph.D IN MASS COMMUNICATION Admission Open from Allama Iqbal Open Univeristy, Islamabad

Ph.D in Mass Communication involves 18 credit hours coursework followed by comprehensive research to generate body of knowledge on the mass communication phenomena. The coursework comprises International Communication and Globalization, Approaches to Mass Communication: Mass Communication Theory and Effects (Part-1), Approaches to Mass Communication: Mass Communication Theories and Effects (Part-2), Media Debates, Content Analysis Research in Mass Communication, and Political Communication. This programme will make students learn the global perspective of Mass Communication, and help them explore media-society relationships. Besides, the students will be able to debate, and independently investigate the issues relating to political and sociological perspectives of Mass Media and Communication at national and international levels.


Schedule for submission of Admission Form with Rs.500 Processing Fee: 01-08-2014 to 05-09-2014.
Schedule for submission of Admission Form with Rs.1000 Processing Fee: 05-09-2014 to 15-09-2014.
 Admission Form with Rs.1500 Processing Fee: 15-09-2014 to 25-09-2014.


The Ph.D Mass Communication programme has been designed to advance higher studies and research in Mass Communication enabling students to critically analyze the relationships between media and society.


Eligibility and Procedure for Admission

A candidate seeking admission in Ph.D Mass Communication shall apply on the prescribed form to the Chairman, Mass Communication Department after announcing the admission by the University. The minimum entry requirements for admission to Ph.D Mass Communication are:

  • M.Phil Degree in Mass Communication from a recognized university in first division or CGPA (3.0).

(b)  Interview and test by the Ph.D Admission Committee

(c)  Admission of Ph.D will be notified by the Director Admissions after the receipt of admission dues.

(d)  Publication of research article in HEC recognized journals shall be given additional weightage.

(The Department grants admissions to a limited number of students purely on merit basis).



The minimum duration of the Ph.D degree shall be six semesters (three years) and maximum duration shall be ten semesters (five years)


Course work

The minimum period for completion of Ph.D course work shall be two semesters (one year) and maximum of four semesters (two years) provided the maximum period of five years is not affected.



The minimum period to complete Ph.D thesis after confirmation of the confirmation of candidature (date of notification by Admission Office) shall be three semesters provided the maximum period of five years is not affected. (Detailed information regarding thesis can be had from the Department).


Details of Course Work of Ph.D

First Semester

Sr. No.

Course Title


Cr. Hours

1 International Communication and Globalization 6761


2 Media Debates 6762


3 Political Communication 6763


Second Semester

Sr. # Course Title Code

Cr. Hours

4 Content Analysis Research in Mass Communication 6764


5 Approaches to Mass Communication: Mass Communication Theories and Effects ( Part one) 6765


6 Approaches to Mass Communication: Mass Communication Theories and Effects ( Part two) 6766



Third Semester

Sr. #

Course Title

7 Thesis



The following instructional methodology will be adopted:


(i)   Study Material

The University will provide guidelines on suggested readings regarding the courses.


(ii)  Assignments

Assignment will be written by the students after studying the required readings recommended by the Department. These assignments are designed to enable them to relate their own ideas with the concepts covered in the required readings so as to enable them to develop through understanding of the subject. After completion, the student sends these assignment on scheduled time to tutor appointed by the University. The tutor returns the assignments after giving valuable comment and marks.

(iii) Workshops

There is a series of mandatory workshops at the end of each semester that provides an opportunity for the students to share their understanding of course content with the fellow students and learning and clarifying their concepts of the course contents with the help of experts/resource persons.


(iv) Student Counseling

Students counseling is provided regarding academic matters through telephone, email, etc by concerned Faculty Member.


(v)  Synopsis Orientation Workshop

The department will hold two weeks Synopsis Orientation Workshop to identify the topics for students’ research and develop the synopses for their Ph.D thesis. The synopses will then be submitted to the Board of Advance Studies and Research (BASR) for approval.


Students shall submit detailed research proposals in the third semester (after the completion of course work).


Participation of the students in Synopsis Orientation Workshop will be mandatory.


  • Thesis

A student is required to carry out research work under a trained supervisor having Ph.D degree in the relevant field.



Students’ performance in the Ph.D Mass Communication is evaluated as under:


(i)   Assignments

Each course carries maximum of 100 marks. There are two assignments for each 3 credit hours course. The passing marks in the assignment is 50/100.


(ii)  Workshops

Students’ activities in the workshop are thoroughly monitored and a weightage of 10% will be given to students according to their performance in the workshops.


(iii) Final Examination

At the end of each semester, final examination will be conducted by the University for each course.


(iv) Comprehensive Examination

  • Each Ph.D candidate will be given maximum of three chances to clear the comprehensive examination.
  • The minimum passing percentage in each component of a course shall be 50 percent.


(v)  Thesis Evaluation

  • On completion of Ph.D research the student will be required to submit five spiral bound copies of the thesis to the supervisor.
  • Supervisor will send five spiral bound copies of the thesis to the Chairman with a signed certificate along with a duly filled in checklist provided by the University.


  • Public Defense

The Ph.D viva-voce will be an open defense. The topic, time and place of viva-voce will also be notified by Chairman of the Department on Notice Boards in the University as an invitation to all those who want to attend the viva-voce.



Admission of already admitted student or a new candidate may be cancelled in accordance with University’s Regulation in the following circumstances:

  • In case the candidate is found guilty of having forged any of his/her degree or relevant documents presented to the University for Admission to Ph.D program.
  • Disciplinary action against misbehavior/misconduct.
  • Plagiarization
  • If he/she fails in fulfilling all the requirement of qualifying for the degree within the maximum time limit prescribed for the program excluding the periods of deferment with the approval of the competent authority.



Only on receipt of admission offer, the candidate would pay dues in accordance with the fee tariff as directed by the Admission Office.

Note: No fee is required at the time of submission of the admission form.



Candidates are required to send complete admission forms along with attested copies of all educational degrees, certificates and marks sheet at the following address before the closing date. Incomplete admission forms will not be accepted.

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