News Production Research Theory- Strengths & Weakness

News Production Research

News production research

The study of how the institutional routines of news production inevitably produce distorted or biased content

  1. Lance Bennett (1988, 2005a) surveyed news production research literature and summarized four ways in which current news production practices distort or bias news content:
  2. Personalized news: 2. Dramatized news: 3. Fragmented news: 4. Normalized news:

Objectivity Rituals In news production research, the term for professional practices designed to ensure objectivity that are implicitly biased toward support of the status quo

1. Provides recommendations for potentially useful changes in news production practices  
2. Raises important questions about routine news production practices
3. Can be used to study production of many different types of news
1. Focuses on news production practices but has not empirically demonstrated their effect  
2. Has pessimistic view of journalists and their social role
3. Has been ignored and rejected as impractical by practicing journalists

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