Man can subsist without newspaper but no newspaper can subsist without news. News is the spinal cord of journalism. The basic assumption of journalism is the collection, presentation and interpretation of news which is meant to inform the people about new and novel. DEFINITION OF NEWS News has been defined differently by different experts. Some of the definitions are given below: News is anything out of the ordinary News is the unusual picture of life. News is anything that people talk about; the more it excites the greater its value. , News comprises all current activities which are of general human interest and the best news is that which interests most of the reader. Anything that enough people want to read is news provided it does not violate the canons of good taste and the law of libel. News is like a hot cake coming straight from oven. News is […]

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What is Mass Communication?

Mass communication is the term used to describe the academic study of the various means by which individuals and entities relay information through mass media to large segments of the population at the same time. It is usually understood to relate to newspaper and magazine publishing, radio, television and film, as these are used both for disseminating news and for advertising.Mass communication research includes media institutions and processes such as diffusion of information, and media effects such as persuasion or manipulation of public opinion. In the United States, for instance, several university []] departments were remodeled into schools or colleges of mass communication or “journalism and mass communication”. Mass communications majors undertake a thorough investigation of mass media, from its institutions, history, and laws to the ways in which it transforms our culture. In addition to studying practical skills of journalism, public relations or advertising, they offer programs on “mass […]

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