News Writing, Editorial Writing, Column Writing and Feature Writing


Write comprehensive notes on the following forms of journalistic writing: 1.News Writing News is defined as information about an event, idea or opinion that is timely and that affects and interests a large number f people in a community.  News must fulfill the following requirements –               It should not have been published any where before; –               It should come to the readers for the first time; –               A news must relate in one way or the other to the human activity; –               It should have an element of interest for the readers –               It should impart some sort of information or education to the readers; –               It should be concise and accurate News Characteristics A.         It is accurate 1.         Factual accuracy means that e4very statement, every name and date, every age and address, every quotation is a verifiable fact Accuracy means not only correctness of specific […]

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Journalistic Writing and Differentiate Journalistic Writing from Literature

Discuss prerequisites of journalistic writing and differentiate journalistic writing from literature.   Basic Principles: Journalism seeks to answer these questions in every story Who What When Where Why How The newsworthiness of a story may be judged by: Proximity Timeliness Impact Conflict Prominence Currency Human Interest The Unusual Pre-Requisites of Journalistic Writing and Differences between Journalistic and other Forms of Writing:   According to American Society of Newspaper Editors, Journalism is to communicate to the human race what its members do, feel and think since this purpose of journalism is different from the other forms of communications. Journalistic writing is different from other forms of writing in several respects –               the kind of knowledge it communicates; –               the audience for whom the communication is intended –               the manner in which communication takes place Like other writings, journalistic writing is made up of words, phrases, clauses, sentences and paragraphs. The discourse […]

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Definition and Techniques of Writing Skill

Explain the techniques of writing skill and indicate problems in writing.  Point out the differences between spoken and written language. Defining Writing Skills: Good writing skills are essential for effective communication. The better you write, the more easily readers will understand you. Learning to write well takes time and practice. It has been agreed that writing is a means of communication made possible through graphics symbols, arranged according to certain conventions to form words which in turn are arranged to form sentences. The sentences are logically and grammatically connected to form a piece of writing. Writing like listening involves a writer (producer) and a reader (receiver). Writing involves interaction between the writer (encoder) and the reader (decoder).  Communicative writing means the use of orthography in order to construct grammatically correct sentences which communicate a meaning to the reader Orthography + lexis + grammar + meaning = communicative writing Techniques of […]

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Interview with Foreign Minister as News Reporter

Imagine you are a newspaper reporter and reporting a news story about general elections.  You are assigned to interview a politician. What type of questions would you ask to satisfy your readers?  Write at least such 20 questions. Most importantly you need to hear what you’re saying. In case you’re drawing closer the meeting without hear what you’re saying, overlook it. You’re not going to go anyplace by any stretch of the imagination. The legislator will run rings around you and entirely right as well. The other thing is not to be frightened of him. You shouldn’t be threatened by whoever you are meeting. Be sensibly quick on your feet. In the event that he or she tries to escape with something, you must spot it and attempt and get on it. The thing is to remain be constant. Proposed Questionnaire 1.Let me know about your Academic foundation? 2.Brief us […]

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Five news stories that appeared in Urdu newspapers Translated in English

News Story No. 1 The Network for Consumer Protection has expressed concern at the dramatic increase in sugar price and alleged that sugar barons having clout in the government have created an artificial shortage. Sugar price has surged to an all-time high of Rs120 per kg in a week from Rs85 on Oct 31, proving that the government has miserably failed to keep a check on food prices and provide relief to consumers, a press release issued by the organisation said on Tuesday. Its executive coordinator, Dr Arif Azad, said roots of the problem lay in the sugar lobby’s political clout in determining sugar output, timing of import and scaremongering about rises in prices. “For the sake of protecting consumers from artificially inflated sugar price rises, the government has to bring in regulatory measures to rein in the power of sugar lobby,” he said. He called for an investigation to […]

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Guidelines of precis writing

mass media precis writing

It was not so in Greece, where philosophers professed less, and undertook more. Parmenides pondered nebulously over the mystery of knowledge; but the pre-Socratics kept their eyes with fair consistency upon the firm earth, and sought to ferret out its secrets by observation and experience, rather than to create it by exuding dialectic; there were not many introverts among the Greeks. Picture Democritus, the Laughing Philosopher; would he not be perilous company for the desiccated scholastics who have made the disputes about the reality of the external world take the place of medieval discourses on the number of angles that could sit on the point of a pin? Picture Thales, who met the challenge that philosophers were numskulls by “cornering the market” and making a fortune in a year. Picture Anaxagoras, who did the work of Darwin for the Greeks and turned Pericles form a wire-pulling politician into a thinker […]

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Differences between journalistic and literary writing

journalistic and literary writing

Journalistic writing Joseph Pulitzer, a famous publisher in the 1800s, stressed one of the most important qualities of journalistic writing in his memorable command: “ Accuracy! Accuracy! Accuracy!” Roger Mudd’s quote on the first slide refers to another important quality of journalistic writing: objectivity. In addition, all journalistic writing should be clear, concise and colorful. Nothing is more embarrassing or unprofessional than writing and publishing a story that has factual inaccuracies. As a reporter, we were responsible for the information printed in your story. Review everything carefully. Our reputation, and that of your publication, is at stake. Double-check the spellings of student, faculty, and staff names, as well as grade levels and titles. Refer to official documents listing this information, such as homeroom lists or a school directory. Keep a current phone book and an atlas handy to double-check the names of organizations and places. Double-check dates, using a calendar […]

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