Ten-Point Planning Model for a Public Relations Campaign

Ten-Point Planning Model for a PR Campaign

Ten-Point Planning Model for a PR Campaign: Scarcity of the resources often forces us to resort to constraints. Therefore, ptudence demands that we plan our expenditure, make a judicious use of the available resources and try to obtain the best possible results at the minimum possible cost. The generally accepted PR planning model encompasses: Assessment of the situation Isolation of the problem Establishing policies Extending in-depth research Determining objectives Defining publics Development of a plan/selection of media and the techniques Planning of a budget Execution of the Plan Assessing results 1.Assessment of the Situation Before chalking out/formulating a PR programme, it is necessary to be clear about its starting point as without having a clear perception about the public esteem or the current “image” of an organization, it would not be possible for any PR practitioners to chalk out an appropriate programme and/or recommend measures/considered necessary for improving the public […]

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