The Print Media Revolution

The Print Media Revolution While paper and block printing developed in China around 100 C.E. and 1045, respectively, what we recognize as modern printing did not emerge until the middle of the fifteenth century. At that time in Germany, Johannes Gutenberg’s invention of movable metallic type and the printing press ushered in the modern print era. Printing presses and publications then spread rapidly across Europe in the late 1400s and early 1500s. Early on, many books were large, elaborate, and expensive. It took months to illustrate and publish these volumes, and they were usually purchased by wealthy aristocrats, royal families, church leaders, prominent merchants, and powerful politicians. Gradually, however, printers reduced the size and cost of books, making them available and affordable to more people. Books eventually became the first mass-marketed products in history. The printing press combined three elements necessary for mass-market innovation. First, machine duplication replaced the tedious […]

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Sub Editor Qualifications & Functions of Sub editor

Sub Editor Qulaifications & Functions of Sub editor

Sub Editor  A sub editor receives a large number of news from news agencies, reporters and correspondents. He also receives press releases and handouts. He cannot publish all those news. Therefore, he selects important and interesting news reports. After selection he edits the news properly. The function of revising and editing is called sub-editing or subbing. Sub-editor is called the backbone of a newspaper due to his most important job. To present a news in an accurate and adequate way is the need of a good newspaper. This is sub-editor who performs this job. During editing of the news he also keeps in mind the laws of libel and defamation. He deletes all objectionable and surplus publicity material from news stories and publishes only newsworthy materials. During sub-editing the extra and repeated parts-of the news are killed down. The most important job of a sub-editor is to prepare headlines of […]

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Various Media Used in Public Relations

What are the various media, which a Public Relations department uses for achieving its objectives? Explain with suitable examples. Various Media Used in Public Relations: PRINT MEDIA Most of the efforts chapters make in public relations are through forms of print media, primarily newspapers. These are usually the most visible outlets on college campuses, especially school newspapers, and in the local community. PRESS RELEASE The press release is the most common material provided to media outlets. These documents provide a brief, yet thorough, description of an upcoming activity, whether it is rush or a service project. PHOTOGRAPHS There are usually two types of photographs in publicity portrait shots, where people pose for the camera and smile, and candids, where the subjects are doing something. CASES HISTORIES/ STUDIES Case studies which show a good image of the company are shared with the media/ investors, community etc. Books on Making of Asoka, […]

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