Raw Materials for News story

News reporter to what extent would you go in search of raw materials for  a news story? Reporters are always looking for news — that is, something “new” or “different.” So are their editors. Ideas that make it into the news are said to be “newsworthy.” For your project or research to make news, it has to be newsworthy in the reporter’s mind. What, exactly, fits the bill of being “newsworthy”? Of course, controversy makes news. But your work doesn’t have to be controversial to be “newsworthy.”   Here are some other ways your research can be newsworthy: 1. Is it truly new — or a “new” way of thinking about an old issue? A recent story –“Do people need 8 hours of sleep a night?” — is an example of a research finding that was newsworthy. Reporters are interested in a scientific breakthrough that will affect the lives of […]

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