Mass Communication Theories-I (5635) Exam Paper 2012

Mass Communication Theories-I (5635)

ALLAMAIQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITY Level: PGD/M.Sc Mass Communication                                         Semester: Spring, 2012 Paper: Mass Communication Theories-I (5635)                             Maximum Marks: 100 Time Allowed: 03 hours                                                                    Pass Marks: 40 Note: ATTEMPT ANY FIVE QUESTIONS. ALL CARRY EQUAL MARKS.   Q. No Questions Marks   1 What does theory-mean in research? What are the concerns of users in mass communication, and how mass communication theories helps us understand these concerns? 20     Discuss the characteristics of scientific method of knowing which differentiate it from other methods of knowledge. 20   3 What do you mean by model? Discuss the criteria of evaluation of a model. 20   4 What techniques are generally used in persuasion? 20   5 Discuss the cognitive dissonance theory in respect to information selection and avoidance. 20   6 What do you know about the characteristics of language? 20   7 Write short notes on the following: i. Induction and deduction in […]

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