Journalistic Writing and Differentiate Journalistic Writing from Literature

Discuss prerequisites of journalistic writing and differentiate journalistic writing from literature.   Basic Principles: Journalism seeks to answer these questions in every story Who What When Where Why How The newsworthiness of a story may be judged by: Proximity Timeliness Impact Conflict Prominence Currency Human Interest The Unusual Pre-Requisites of Journalistic Writing and Differences between Journalistic and other Forms of Writing:   According to American Society of Newspaper Editors, Journalism is to communicate to the human race what its members do, feel and think since this purpose of journalism is different from the other forms of communications. Journalistic writing is different from other forms of writing in several respects –               the kind of knowledge it communicates; –               the audience for whom the communication is intended –               the manner in which communication takes place Like other writings, journalistic writing is made up of words, phrases, clauses, sentences and paragraphs. The discourse […]

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