Use of Survey Research, Content analysis, Experimental Design and Case studies

Q.4:Explain why do researchers use survey research content analysis, experimental design and case studies in media research. How these techniques are different from one another?   Survey Research: The sample survey is used to answer questions about how a large number of subjects feel, behave, or are, especially with regard to variables that change over time. Survey research is the study of a portion or sample of a specific “population” (magazine subscribers newspaper readers, television viewers, the population of a community or state). If done according to statistical principles, generalizations can then be made from the sample to the population with a certain degree of assurance or confidence. A sample is less costly than a census, which is an enumeration of all the members of a population. A census allows statements to be made about actual population parameters. However, the sample, which is less costly than a census, forces the […]

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