CAPTION in Print Media

Caption is used as a synonym for cutline or underline. It constitutes wording, accompanying and describing finer details of a photograph or illustration, usually beneath or beside it. A good caption can add life to a fairly mundane picture while a bad caption can spoil a good picture. The identification is permanent in a caption, time and location are not always necessary. There are do’s and don’ts about caption writing. Some of them are given below: Use the picture as intro. Complement the picture Reflect the mood Try to create interest which may not be obvious at a glance Use present tense to describe an action in the picture. Use your imagination and lead the reader through a thought process. Don’t simply describe the picture. Don’t state the obvious. Don’t assume the reader knows a face. Kinds of Captions : Formal Informal 1. Formal In formal captions the five Ws […]

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