CAPTION in Print Media

Caption is used as a synonym for cutline or underline. It constitutes wording, accompanying and describing finer details of a photograph or illustration, usually beneath or beside it. A good caption can add life to a fairly mundane picture while a bad caption can spoil a good picture. The identification is permanent in a caption, time and location are not always necessary. There are do’s and don’ts about caption writing. Some of them are given below: Use the picture as intro. Complement the picture Reflect the mood Try to create interest which may not be obvious at a glance Use present tense to describe an action in the picture. Use your imagination and lead the reader through a thought process. Don’t simply describe the picture. Don’t state the obvious. Don’t assume the reader knows a face. Kinds of Captions : Formal Informal 1. Formal In formal captions the five Ws […]

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COLUMN, Definition, Types of Column & Writing Column

COLUMN DEFINITION & EXPLANATION What is the column? How to define column and explain?Here in the following trying to answer the above questions of Column definition in explanation of the column in details. It is the personal opinion of the column writer that would not be tolerated in any other kind of story. The columnist can pass judgments, make recommendations, talk about himself or herself and otherwise violate most of the accepted tenets of news writing. The style and approach in writing columns are neither serious nor deductive. Columns can be humorous, can report on local life and people or can deal with some specialty such as finance. Probably the most popular topic for columns is politics and government. CHARACTERISTICS OF COLUMNS The feature, the column and the editorial are sometimes hard to distinguish; qualities of each cross over and intermingle. But columns offer an opportunity for variety in content […]

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Different Source of News

source of news

SOURCES OF NEWS Everyday there is a long list of events to be covered by newspapers or news agencies. If the parliament is in session, its proceedings have to be covered. There may be important cases going on in the courts which may have to be covered. Then, there may be some government functions like an inauguration of a project or a meeting, etc. that need press coverage. Similarly, there may be some workers’ demonstration, agitation or strike. Sometimes, there might be a communal riot, an accident or a natural calamity which are news worthy and need coverage in the press. A journalist must have the quality of persistence in collecting his facts. However, the approach of a journalist should not be tough. The journalist has to collect and assemble his facts intelligently. A good journalist should try to collect as many facts as he can before he sets out […]

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