A recent Ethical Dilemma in Media Ethics and Governance

Media Coverage of Religious Agitation on Electronic Media and Print media should be properly and without biasness:

Description of the Dilemma

In Pakistan Media industry grew up to free and a large number of media houses contributing in news, current affairs and entertainment field, They have liberty to report and critics the government. Recently ,Supreme Court given a verdict on case of Asia BiBi’s Blasphemy case, Its become the hot topic in the public of Pakistan. A group of religious leaders are protesting against this decision of Supreme Court. Supreme Court’s verdict set free Asia BiBi from blasphemy charges , but before this High Court and Session Court found her guilty and sentenced for death.

References of News

(Evening Standard News https://www.standard.co.uk/news/world/asia-bibi-pakistan-blasphemy-laws-a3976501.html)

BBC News Report: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-28723254

Religious leaders and extremists  were not accepting the verdict and they start agitation and  about whole country struck off due to this protest and even government suspended the internet and mobile communication services in big cities, so that they can’t interact with each other.

Conflict of Values

A) (i)Values of  Peace of society, it means Value of law and order in society was disturbed. (ii) Religious theoretical idea(Religious freedom not to interfere  any other religion or religious personality ) of death sentence for the person accused in blasphemy.

Both above values were engaged in this situation.

Moral Actors in the Dilemma

B) For Peaceful environment in the society or country its mandatory duties of government no compromise should be on rules of law. Contrary everyone have equal rights to follow their religion’s teaching freely in the country. Extremists in this situation having view that no one have right of blasphemy and they demand for the extreme punishment (i.e no right to live).

Stakeholders in the Dilemma

C) Media was powerful factor having influence on both sides, but their reporting and debates in discussion programs was based only biased. Government was the main stakeholder, who was responsible for law and order situation and on other side the religious extremists leader.

Choices of action for the main moral actor

D) Religious extremists should be taken into account for spreading the hassle, terror and chaos in society.

E) Media reports were in favour of Government actions to protect people’s lives and property, also not reporting about protectors peaceful agitation. Due to media blackout in the country by Government played more tragic situation, more rumours broke out that massive killings happened in the different cities sit in, which includes more violence and offensive behaviour in protectors.

F) Media having influence on minds of public as following

(i)  Religious leaders having impact on masses and having soft viewpoint should be invited on media.

(ii) There should be discussions and reports on media regarding the agitation and Supreme court’s verdict to cool down the minds and aggressive behaviours of extremists.

G)  Theories of Ethics

(i) Consequentialism theory apply on this dilemma, because a group of religious leaders think that if now Asia BiBi released then this type of incidents will be frequently occurred in  the society.

(ii) Geocultural ethic theory also valid for this, because in some regions of World, people not much touchy and emotional regarding the situation of religious affairs as compared in subcontinent (South Asia).

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