State and its Elements, How the West and Islam see sovereignty?

Define state and its elements. Explain how the West and Islam see sovereignty.   Definitions of State: Different scholars have defined “State” differently. Definitions of the few are described below. Aristotle defined it as ” a community of families and villages having for its end a perfect and self-sufficing life, by which we mean a happy and honourable life”. Holland defines the State as “a numerous assemblage of human beings, generally- occupying a certain territory, amongst whom the will of the majority or of an ascertainable class or persons is by the strength of such a majority or class made to prevail against any of their number who oppose it”. Bluntschli holds: “the state is the politically organized people of a definite territory”. Woodrow Wilson defines it simply as “people organized for law within a definite territory”. Maclver defines the state as “an association which, acting through law as promulgated […]

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