Sub Editor Qualifications & Functions of Sub editor

Sub Editor Qulaifications & Functions of Sub editor

Sub Editor  A sub editor receives a large number of news from news agencies, reporters and correspondents. He also receives press releases and handouts. He cannot publish all those news. Therefore, he selects important and interesting news reports. After selection he edits the news properly. The function of revising and editing is called sub-editing or subbing. Sub-editor is called the backbone of a newspaper due to his most important job. To present a news in an accurate and adequate way is the need of a good newspaper. This is sub-editor who performs this job. During editing of the news he also keeps in mind the laws of libel and defamation. He deletes all objectionable and surplus publicity material from news stories and publishes only newsworthy materials. During sub-editing the extra and repeated parts-of the news are killed down. The most important job of a sub-editor is to prepare headlines of […]

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