Analyze The Various Steps Involved in An Advertising Campaign

Analyze the various steps involved in an advertising campaign CAMPAIGN PLANNING: According to Wright et al. [18], there are seven basic and essential steps in planning: 1 . Approaching the Advertising Opportunity This appraisal involves the determination of the right timing; for a particular advertising campaign. Neil Borden [19] and Charles H. Patti [20] have identified five situations which could lend themselves to advertising opportunities: Presence of a favourable primary demand trend: If a product category is becoming favourite with        consumers, then it is beneficial to advertise a particular brand of product in that category. For example, if coffee drinking is on the increase then a particular brand of coffee can take advantage of it Similarly, if the trend is towards small compact cars, then it is difficult to sell big gas- guzzling cars. Good chance for product differentiation: If the product that is the focus of […]

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