Reporting in Print Media

Reporting: Reporting is just a genre of writing, alongside essays and stories, and bloggers most certainly fall into that genre.” When they talk about reporting on a show like Frontline, they mean the process a reporter goes through. 1. Interviews, research. 2. Assemble a story. 3. Fact-checking and editing. 4. Publishing. Most bloggers aren’t doing this whole thing. Our process is different, and I’d argue no less rigorous, just more distributed, and step 2 is something everyone does for themselves. Key point in last night’s piece — sources are part of the reporting process, and more and more, the sources are becoming bloggers. GENERAL REPORTING Reporting means gathering facts and presenting them objectively with ail news writing skills. It is an active, creative, long and tough process of news, gathering, ideas and opinion collection, fact finding in order to serve the general public by informing them and enabling them to […]

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