Paper: Basic Concepts in Social Sciences – II Code 5638

  ALLAMAIQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITY Level: PGD/M.Sc Mass Communication Paper: Basic Concepts in Social Sciences – II (5638) Semester: Spring, 2012 Maximum Marks: 100                              Pass Marks: 40 Time Allowed: 03 hours ATTEMPT ANY FIVE QUESTIONS. ALL CARRY EQUAL MARKS. 1.Define social psychology. Discuss symbolic-interaction theory. 2.What does socialization mean? Briefly explain the theories of socialization. 3.What is conformity? What are the various types of conformity? 4.Discuss the characteristics of source, message and audience in the process of attitude change. 5.Explain the concept of “sovereignty” in Islamie perspectives. 6.Discuss the functions and powers of judiciary in a modern democratic state. 7.Write short notes on the following: i)Pressure group ii)Advantages of two party system  

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