Page Makeup Design, Importance in Newspapers

Print Media

what is page makeup design and what is its importance in journalism?? what are the various types used for front page makeup in daily Newspapers? Various Types Used for Front Page Makeup PRODUCTION PROCESS Producing a newspaper requires steady flow and supply of good stories, hard work, films, plates and above all, ingenuity. To keep that flow evenly paced and uninterrupted a newspaper producer requires clear organization, constant supervision and direction, and the most careful and earnest cooperation of his team-mates. Covering, writing.and editing stories; picture taking and editing; and other news gathering responsibilities are done by reporters, editors, and photographers. Planning ahead, making of proper assignments, clearing the news wire machines regularly, editing and proof-reading are essential for efficient production. After the composition of material, the printing process takes place. Engraving department furnishes photocopy type proofs in reverse. A combination of careful planning, reliable lighting equipment, and its regular […]

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