Sources of Change in a Society, obstacles and methods of reducing resistance to change

What are the sources of change in a society? Also explain the obstacles to change and methods of reducing resistance to change. Perhaps the three most powerful sources of social change today are ideas, technology, and institutions. Expressed in more philosophical terms, we could say sources of social change are ideological, material, and structural. In earlier times, a more simple polarity of understanding claimed that meaning (ideas) arose out of belonging or that belonging arose out of meaningful ideas. In either case, ideas and belonging were understood to be the sources of social change. In earlier centuries, social change was generally regarded as negative. Social order and stability were deemed to be normal, necessary, and not negotiable. Social change was discouraged, negated, put down, or at least limited by established authorities such as kings, religious institutions, tradition, and entrenched powers. The sources of social change were held in check by […]

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