Techniques for Measuring the Effects of Advertising Campaign

Discuss the various strategies and techniques for measuring advertising campaign. Techniques for Measuring the Effects of Advertising Campaign: There are many advertising campaign effectiveness measurement techniques in use. These techniques are divided into classes and then evaluated or measured. Classes of Measurement Techniques Advertising campaign effectiveness measurement techniques can be classified as measuring cognitive response, effective response and conative response. A cognitive response measurement technique evaluates changes in subject’s knowledge; an effective response measurement technique measures dhanges in consumer’s attitudes towards a product; and a conative response measurement determines the action that consumers take towards a product. Approach to Examining Measurement In selecting each measurement technique, two related questions or approaches must be considered. Does the measurement technique meet the criteria for measurement techniques i.e., is the technique accurate and valid? The advertiser must select a measurement technique that measures the particular element to be evaluated. The analysis of measurement […]

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