Three Different Theories of Aggression in Media

Summarize the three different theories of aggression. Theories of Aggression: Ever felt you need to kick some people’s butt, yet you couldn’t and had to kick the wall instead? Ever wondered why a three year old yells and screams like an adult? Every wondered why a parent of any kind (human/animal) would possibly kill for any sign of a threat? It’s simple. It’s aggression in three of its kinds; Frustration-Aggression theory Social Learning theory Aggression as an instinct – theories of aggression I personally am very interested in aggression as I could be quite aggressive myself. Aggression: Is any action that’s intended to cause harm. Be it verbal or physical. There are two types of aggression, and they are; Hostile/hot aggression: Is to do something aggressive and get some sort of satisfaction from it. Perhaps, planning someone’s murder or robbing a bank. You get some sort of emotional reward from it. Instrumental/cold […]

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