Viewer’s Engagement with Mother & Daughter Relationships in Pakistani Cinema

Viewer’s Engagement with Mother& Daughter Relationships in Pakistani Cinema: A Case Study of “Dukhtar” Movie Submitted by Amrita Bhowmik MPhil Mass Communication Assam University, Silchar, India Fakhar Naveed MPhil Mass Communication University of Gujrat, Pakistan ABSTRACT This subjective examination analyzes viewer’s engagement with anecdotal depictions of mother-daughter relations in Pakistani Cinema of the 21st century: A Case study of “Dukhtar” Movie. I utilized in depth qualitative research with the dialogues and the content of the movie to investigate how genuine mothers and daughters decipher depictions of mother-daughter relations and how in our society mothers understand their own mother-daughter relationship through their engagement with these depictions. Moreover, these can also that how and to what extent their engagement with these depictions impacts their own lives and mother-daughter relations. The after effects of this investigation revealed a procedure of gathering of people enengagingith mother-daughter relations in “Dukhtar” Movie that included the review […]

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