Criticism on advertising

Criticism on advertising Since, advertising is part and parcel of our lives, it has of course, bright side as well as dark side. Some of the common complaints about advertising are given below:   1. Advertising moves the people to buy thing they cannot afford: Certainly it is true because advertising persuades the people to buy through slogan. Advertising appeals primarily to our emotions, rather than to our intellect. Since all of us are motivated by emotional drives, it is only natural that advertisers should make such appeals. But it is up to each of us to exercise self-control and sound judgement in our purchases. Again a cautious buyer will avoid obvious appeals to the emotions. 2. Advertising is biased-. This too, is natural; all persons put their best foot forward in whatever they say or do. Being aware-of this bia$, we can discount some of the superlatives used in […]

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