Different Fields of Sociology & Major Theoretical Perspectives

Sociology is subdivided into many specialized fields, of which a partial list includes: Applied Sociology Collective Behaviour Community Comparative Sociology Crime and Delinquency Cultural Sociology Demography Deviant Behaviour Formal Organizations Human Ecology Industrial Sociology Law and Society Race and Ethnic Relations Rural and Urban Sociology tratification and Mobility Social: Change, Control, Organization, arid Psychology Sociology of: Education, Knowledge and Science, Occupations, Professions, Religion, and Small Groups These topics are not the exclusive property of sociology and other disciplines share its interest in many topics. For example, its interest in communication and public opinion is shared by psychology and political, science,-Criminology is shared with psychology, political science, law, and so on. Sociology is especially close to psychology and anthropology, and overlaps them so constantly that any firm boundaries would be arbitrary and unrealistic. (Hurton and Chester, 1984: 25-27) Major Theoretical Perspectives A crucial element in sociology is theory. A theory is […]

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