Audio & Visual media in Development Support Communication

Audio and Visual Effects in Development Support Communication

Elaborate the effectiveness of audio-visual media in Development Support Communication activities with special reference to Pakistan setting? Audiences expect you to use visual aids in our oral presentations. Visual aids can improve the quality and impact of your oral presentation by:  Creating the attention of your listeners. Illustrating points that are difficult to explain in words alone. enhancing understanding of the topic, Centering the attention of the listeners. Adding variety. Helping our speech has lasting impact. emphasizing your information & ideas, and Helping our listeners remember your talk. With the right tools and ideas in Development Support Communication, you can be a high-impact presenter ready for an increasingly competitive world. Modern technology is providing exciting improvements to the most traditional types of presentation media offering new ways for you to excel at meetings, conferences, conventions, and training sessions. Today’s speakers can select from a variety of visual aids to enhance […]

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