Role of Panel Producer and its Pivotal Position

role of Panel Producer and its pivotal position.

Production of Bulletin:
Production of TV news bulletin is a highly specialized job which requires professional skill, strong nerves and sharp reflexes. The producer is assigned to put the bulletin on air live. He is the leader of the team comprising scores of engineers, cameraman audio technicians and lighting experts. He gives command to the visual switcher, studio switchers, telecine operators, video incharge and computer experts. At the same time he keeps in touch with the cameraman and boom operator in the studios. While conducting this complex exercise, he never loses contact with the anchorperson/newscaster and goes on giving instructions to all the staff involved in production. Before going to the panel, the producer marks his cues on his copy of the bulletin. These cues are marked for putting the technicians and operators of various gadgets and equipments on standby and start the machines accordingly so that films and visuals stabilizes before going on the air and do not flicker on the TV screens.
Before putting the visuals and different camera shots on air, the producer takes a look at the various TV monitors to ensure that the right visual goes on the air and the quality of various sources matches with each other. While sitting at the panel, the producer also remains in touch with other TV centers through a hotline and gives instructions to the panel producers sitting at other centers for coordinating the production of their respective chunks.
Role of Panel producer:
In television a producer is generally the primary person of responsibility for the production. The program may often be their own brain child and a producer’s role coordinates all the elements of production at its highest level.
A talented producer is adept at coordination of crew and cast; administrative, legal, financial, budgeting and scheduling issues as well as being the driving creative force. With all these issues and tasks to consider a talented producer is a great delegator, being willing and able to pass on responsibility to trusted production team members they have assembled. It’s often best for the producer to delegate as many roles as necessary to ensure they have enough time to coordinate the production.
Responsibilities of Panel producer:
The panel producer takes all the elements of a newscast and compiles them into a cohesive show. He is one of the most integral members of any news production team.

  • He is highly organized and pay extraordinary attention to detail.
  • He thrive in high stress environments and have good news judgement.
  • He is exceptionally strong news writers, especially under pressure and are prepared to write stories with very little notice and in a very short period of time.
  • He decides which stories are covered, who covers them and how they are covered.
  • He decides the order in which story appear in the newscast.
  • He determine the amount of time each story is given.
  • He also writes the copy for some stories.
  • He investigates live reports into the newscasts.
  • He write the script for news anchor or news readers.
  • He organize the show to ensure that there is a good flow.
  • He monitor the wire agencies and networks feeds for potential stories.
  • He edit videos for voice-overs.
  • He give instructions or communicate with anchors, director and studio crew while filming the show.
  • He coordinate the live shots.
  • He time the show, so it start and ends on time, and contains all the commercial breaks necessary.
  • He also writes the in-show and pre-show teases.

Newsroom Automation System:
Newsroom automation system is a modern day computer based system designed for easy and speedy news presentation. It is an extremely efficient system, helps the workflow from the news editorial process to live on air production. It offers convenience at every stage of the newscast preparation process and news delivery workflow. News scripts typed on a computer are available to all the newsroom staff, i.e. producers, reporters, editors, chief editor, anchors, right on their desktops. News staff can monitor incoming feeds, perform functions like investing, sorting, displaying wire services, loading, playing of news, video clips, retrieval of store images, and the controlling robotic cameras. Final scripts are available to the teleprompters of cameras to newsreaders/anchors. It greatly improves productivity and efficiency.

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